Eternal Echoes - The Empire


Size: S


Colour: Black

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The design features the faces of prominent figures like Cyrus the Great, Ali ibn Sina, Jallaludin Rumi, and Ulughbek among others. Each figure is surrounded by symbols representing their remarkable contributions.

Cyrus the Great stands at the center holding the Cyrus cilinder, the artifact that symbolized his benevolent reign. Surrounding him, Ali ibn Sina is writing one of his scientific books. Jallaludin Rumi is depicted with a musical instrument, symbolizing his mystical journey, while Ulughbek's is seen busy studying the stars he had charted.

Named "Eternal Echoes," this hoodie is more than just clothing; it is a reminder of the countless untold stories, faces, and names that had shaped the course of history in those ancient lands. Not to forget the princess of the Qajari dynasty and other women who were frontiers in their time.

It celebrated the voices that still whispered through time, urging the world to remember and honor those who had contributed so much to the tapestry of human civilization.

Unisex, Comfort fit.

All our garments are made from 100% Organic & recycled Cotton, this means that the garments are made without genetically modified seeds.

Oversized T-shirt

Model length: 1.67 – model wears size S.